Converge 2024 was a massive success. Thank you to all our attendees, award recipients, and sponsors. It genuinely is an equipment finance industry event like no other.



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Dynamic Discussions & Full-Day Workshop

Whether it’s digital transformation, impossibly short-term thinking, bank tightening, the ‘as-a-service’ movement or a host of companies firmly rooted in the status quo, it’s time to say the quiet parts out loud.

Led by a keynote from world-renowned thought leader Peter Hinssen, a panel discussion moderated by Bill Verhelle, founder and CEO of QuickFi, and a workshop facilitated by Hinssen and Deborah Reuben, CLFP, founder and CEO of TomorrowZone, this is your opportunity to take on the “Quiet Parts” and be bold again.


How can Converge help you today?

What would you invest in if you didn’t have to show almost immediate ROI in everything you do? I mean, it’s hard to be a visionary when your capital overlords and ‘results now’ cultures demand you to keep sailing the same boat in the same direction. Right?
Are acquisitions creating enhanced value and evolving the industry or simply enriching the participants and shuffling the same old chess pieces while once powerful value propositions slowly get lost to bureaucracy and regulation?
How can we spend less time reacting to competitors and more time learning from customers?
As part of a bank, how do you win as a credit business in an environment where deposits are king?
If everyone who’s ever financed anything knows the affordability, cash preservation and cash flow benefits of financing, why do only 11% of vendors lead with a payment?
In a world with transformative data, marketing technologies, and buyer intent informatics, why are most equipment financiers cold calling like its 1992?
With interest rates off their artificial lows, credit tightening, revenues facing headwinds, and inflation driving asset values higher, is there a transformative opportunity to return to our operating lease/structured finance roots?
At what point is chasing deals to achieve near-term volume not enough? After 60 years, do we just ride this philosophy until we die?
EFAs, Loans, and Buck-Outs galore. Where have all the cowboys of creativity that built our industry gone?
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Saying the Quiet Parts out Loud

Two-day conference at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia — here's what to expect


Monitor will be rolling out the red carpet to award the “best of the best” individuals and teams in equipment finance at the beautiful National Constitution Center in the historic district of Philadelphia on May 16th as Converge 2024’s closing ceremony.

Monitor will award the Lifetime Achievement recognition to a leader of great importance who contributed to the groundwork and existing structure of the equipment finance industry. This person has created a new path of opportunity for members of the industry and has a track record of founding or leading successful companies.

Winner: Adam Warner, retired President of Key Equipment Finance

The Equipment Finance Team of the Year has demonstrated excellence in both their area(s) of focus and in key elements of their company’s culture that drive the organization.

  • DLL Legal Team
  • First Citizens Bank, Equipment Finance Division
  • Fleet Advantage Transaction Management Team
  • Volvo Care Team

The MVP Behind the Scenes has supported and/or created best practices in the industry in their area of expertise (legal, tax/accounting, operations, credit, technology, etc.). Their role in their organization is important, but not always publicly visible.

  • Sudhir Amembal, Chairman & CEO, Amembal & Halladay
  • Maria Borges-Lopez, VP, Human Resources, North Mill Equipment Finance
  • Paul Gentile, Chief Financial Officer, SLR Equipment Finance
  • Liz Leinmiller, Director of Funding, Navitas Credit Corp.
  • David Wiener, Managing Director, The Alta Group


The Next Gen/Rising Star is an industry leader 40 years of age or younger who has demonstrated commitment to the equipment finance sector through extraordinary contributions to their company and the industry. This person actively works to develop the skills and knowledge to drive their leadership.

  • Mikki Henkelman, VP, Credit & Risk, Oakmont Capital Services
  • Martin Klotzman, Director of Marketing & Operations, Ivory Consulting Corporation
  • Jillian Munson, VP, Process & Automation, QuickFi
  • Harrison Smith, Managing Director, Stonebriar Commercial Finance
  • Joseph Turner, Director, Strategy & Analytics, First Citizens Bank Equipment Finance
  • Catherine Lee, Senior Marketing Manager – Commercial Division, EverBank

The Creating Change and Innovation awardee is a thought leader who has started dialogues and/or introduced innovative methods, ideas, best practices or products within their companies or within the industry that have led to lasting and meaningful change.

  • Dan Michalek, CEO & Founder, Syndifi
  • Scott Nelson, President & Chief Technology Officer, Tamarack Technology
  • Deborah Reuben, Founder & CEO, TomorrowZone
  • Denis Stypulkoski, Founder & Principal, Reimagine Advisors

The Most Influential Woman of the Year has advanced, pioneered and championed for other women. She has a track record of outstanding accomplishments and creating new paths of opportunity for women. 

  • Deborah Baker, Head of Worldwide Leasing & Financing, HP
  • Linda Redding, Managing Director & Head of Equipment Finance, JP Morgan Commercial Banking
  • Kris Snow, Retired President, Cisco Capital
  • Michelle Speranza, Chief Marketing Officer, LEAF Commercial Capital
  • Donna Yanuzzi, EVP, Equipment Finance Officer, 1st Equipment Finance

The Champion of Diversity takes a stand for diversity and encourages the practice of including or elevating people from a range of different backgrounds, races/ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations.

  • Julia Gavrilov, Partner, Moritt Hock & Hamroff
  • Eric McGriff, Chief Risk Officer, 36th Street Capital
  • George Park, Co-CEO, VenSource Capital
  • Nancy Robles, President, Eastern Funding

The Leader of the Year demonstrates exceptional and inspirational leadership, has made an enormous impact on the people they lead and has contributed significantly to the equipment finance industry over the last year. This person is known among colleagues and peers for taking a human-centered approach to leadership and for developing rising talent.

  • Miles Herman, President & COO, LEAF Commercial Capital
  • Brian Holland, President & CEO, Fleet Advantage
  • Kyin Lok, CEO, Dext Capital
  • Brad Peterson, CEO, Channel
  • Nancy Robles, President, Eastern Funding

The Mentor Extraordinaire is an equipment finance expert who actively and openly shares their knowledge of the sector with others. They mentor within and outside of their organization, with a track record of positive influence on their mentees.

  • Gary Cook, Retired EVP, 1st Equipment Finance
  • Dominic Liberatore, Deputy General Counsel, DLL Financial Services
  • Scott Thacker, CEO, Ivory Consulting Corporation
  • Donna Yanuzzi, EVP, Equipment Finance Officer, 1st Equipment Finance

The Community Impact awardee is hands-on in community work that positively impacts others’ lives, expressed especially by devoting time, attention and generous financial contributions to causes that promote the welfare of others. This person’s mission revolves around giving back to the community and a desire to make a difference.

  • Andre Crompton, SVP, Capital Markets, Wintrust Commercial Finance
  • Elizabeth Gomez, Marketing Manager, Fleet Advantage
  • Lovern Gordon, President & Founder, Love Life Now Foundation
  • Steve Grosso, CEO & Vice Chairman, Auxilior Capital Partners

The Industry Advocate reaches outside of the industry and has volunteered time and effort into “extracurricular” industry involvement, such as associations, foundations, boards or other initiatives that strengthen the industry.

  • Randy Haug, EVP, Vice Chairman & Co-Founder, LTi Technology Solutions
  • Dominic Liberatore, Deputy General Counsel, DLL Financial Services
  • David Schaefer, CEO, Orion First
  • Tawnya Stone, VP, Strategic Technology, GreatAmerica Financial Services


Adam Warner, retired President of Key Equipment Finance, will receive the Lifetime Achievement designation at Converge. Warner was nominated by Converge’s award committee for his accomplishments in the industry, paired with retirement from Key EF after a 22-year tenure with the bank.

Warner will attend Converge to receive his Lifetime Achievement award at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on May 16. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with him!